With a flair of Jewish humor, a love for sports, and a recent UC Berkeley degree, I present to you myself, Roxy Barghahn roxyloo(Bear-hawn).  Before I was even born, I was set up to be in the middle of a motherhood paradox.  My mom, a full time VP exec for a wine distributor at the time, had hired a Mexican immigrant, Norma, to take care of me while she went off traveling the country to become my family’s breadwinner.  Lucky for me, Norma wasn’t a come-and-go nanny.  She lived with my family for 15 years, and when I was a freshman in high school, she set off to marry the janitor’s friend from my Jewish pre-school, but still only lived one town away.  Norma to me is my “second mother”, and fits the nurturing, childrearing, housekeeping, maternal figure that so many mothers instinctively perform.  In the background, my real mom Lisa was out hustling in a man’s world, getting paid a fraction of her male counterparts salaries so we could live happily in suburban San Francisco.  Norma and Lisa present the paradox of mother roles in what journalists and professionals have been calling “mommy wars”.  This debate encompasses what the role of a woman shall be in society, and if its even feasible to balance both being successful as a professional woman and as a mom.  In fact, this same work/life balance debate is the forefront of the feud between Sheryl Sandberg and Anne-Marie Slaughter, who both offer strategies (reaffirming commitment to family {Slaughter} or your career {Sandberg} will allow you to achieve both professional and personal success) on how to make this juggling act work.  I am the byproduct example that it is SO difficult to do both – in fact nearly impossible – that I had two motherly figures people to fit each the “professional” and the “mother” roles.

Me, Norma, and my mom Lisa holding Cielo, Norma's daughter in 2009. We still are so close!

Me, Norma, and my mom Lisa holding Cielo, Norma’s daughter in 2009. We still are so close!

This paradox and my gratitude towards working mothers is what inspired me to create this website.  Today we live in a world where unfortunately, women are not equal to men.  I never fully appreciated the hours, physical and mental exhaustion, corporate work had on my mom.  I was always so bitter she was never there to chaperone a field trip or carpool me to school.  But now I do, and I am so thankful for both her hard work and Norma’s. LET’S BREAK GLASS showcases multiple cases, debates, articles, videos, photos, events, and organizations that have widened my knowledge about the barriers women face on a daily basis that prevent them from earning the same respect in the workplace and earnings as men.

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